Whatever happened to Moses bronze serpent?

Some questions are never asked but you come across the answer anyway. Another way of putting it – “When do life-saving traditions turn sour and useless?” Now that’s more useful. To know what happened to Moses’ artefact, read 2 Kings 18:1-8. It had long¬†outlived its purpose and become something detrimental to the life of theContinue reading “Whatever happened to Moses bronze serpent?”

Einstein, Elijah, Moses and Jesus

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Dr Martin Luther King I was intrigued to hear this favourite quote linked, in a recent conversation, with Einstein’s theory of relativity and its application to satellite navigation that depends on differences in relative space and time calculations for accuracy. As IContinue reading “Einstein, Elijah, Moses and Jesus”

March in March & Moses

While we are travelling with Moses it would be interesting to draw some comparisons between this two-man (himself and Aaron) movement and the March in March of the last weekend that saw thousands of the disaffected gather nationwide in protest against Government policies that have been swift and draconian in their implementation.¬† Both were bidsContinue reading “March in March & Moses”

A strange parley

The conversation between an ageing shepherd and the voice of the Holy One manifested in a burning yet unconsumed bush in the desert is not what one might expect. Moses emerges as our next Lenten guide… and he does not hang back when called to account by the same urge that pulled his ancestor AbrahamContinue reading “A strange parley”