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bronze-serpentSome questions are never asked but you come across the answer anyway. Another way of putting it – “When do life-saving traditions turn sour and useless?”

Now that’s more useful. To know what happened to Moses’ artefact, read 2 Kings 18:1-8. It had long outlived its purpose and become something detrimental to the life of the nation.

The helpful question then is “What long respected tradition in our community life has outlived its purpose and, for the sake of community well-being, needs to be replaced or abandoned?”

I once served a church that prided itself on “not having any traditions.” Within a week I had identified several deep-seated ones. These are not detrimental if they are community building and life-giving. When they become life-sapping and a source of diffusion of community focus they become, not Moses’ bronze serpent, but Hezekiah’s dead snake on a stick.

So where will we start?