A strange parley

From Wikimedia Commons

The conversation between an ageing shepherd and the voice of the Holy One manifested in a burning yet unconsumed bush in the desert is not what one might expect.

Moses emerges as our next Lenten guide… and he does not hang back when called to account by the same urge that pulled his ancestor Abraham forth. He had every reason to willfully ignore the glow that drew him to take off his sandals and stand on holy ground, ready to answer the call to …. to what? A refugee of some decades from Egypt’s justice system, a herdsman in the safe sanctuary of the desert, he could have lived his days out in a form of peace. But now here he is, arguing with a shrub!

How long had the seed of Moses’ destiny laid hidden within him, awaiting the day it would sprout with awareness of a particular calling? What prepared Moses for that day of receptivity to a summoning voice announcing the maturation of that calling: “Go to Pharoah and tell him to let my people go!”?

How do we begin to understand that encounter with the Holy One is never static, but always in motion. For Moses learns the true name, the real nature of the Summoner – “I Am Being Who I Am Being…”? And that Moses (and anyone who encounters the true name and nature of the Holy One) can only complete their identity by responding to the call?

No wonder it is traditional in the Judaic traditions not to mention the name of G-d!  Moses embarked on a fearful but glorious journey with his people.

Be ready for an interesting ride when a bush calls you to parley!

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