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chess-pieces-1463642955dfk.jpgSure we have agency for good or ill, wise or foolish. Some will think it a great idea for the Australian government to invest heavily in the military industrial complex and become one of the world’s major exporters of military equipment. As a strategy for long-term economic growth and employment, it is a winner!

For those who believe the world is already over-militarized and under-resourced in health, education and strategic peace resolution, yesterday’s announcement is disastrous. They do not buy the argot of “defensive weapons only” and “careful vetting of clients.” They know that wealthy arms manufacturers have a lot more clout when lobbying politicians than do aid agencies such as World Vision and Act for Peace. Cartoonists are wised up to the tension, as was George Bernard Shaw when he wrote the hard-hitting Major Barbara.

Today’s text from Isaiah 40:21-31 puts all in perspective, especially for those who believe they are ultimately in charge, but also for those who grow weary striving for peace in its many manifestations.