High Court Chaplaincy Challenge Diversions





While on the matters of things High Court, it is interesting to see how the current challenge to the federal funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program is playing out: States play cat and mouse in High Court chaplaincy challenge – ABC Religion & Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Community debate surrounding the challenge has wandered down many byways.
Who would have thought that the focus would similarly shift in the High Court?
One could read the initial challenge of the Executive funding initiative without parliamentary legislature as merely a vehicle to challenge a view that chaplaincy is “establishing a religion” and therefore not constitutional. Enter the six states as plaintiffs, and they have made the vehicle the cause. Their arguments have nothing to do with chaplaincy, but with the power of the Commonwealth to wield influence over precious state rights through funding.

What a can of worms! I guess such is what keeps the legal fraternity out of mischief.

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