Marking November how?

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November is approaching – the harbinger of low temperatures by climate on the the top half of the planet and air conditioner in the countries “down under” the equator. (Australia’s not the only country “down under”, by the way).

Personally, November is a bit of a bookmark month, being the month of my arrival on this planet, so I tend to mark it in different ways, like celebrating a birthday, remembering to have my annual medical check, reviewing insurances, registrations and other exciting things! When I was younger, the anniversary of my arrival coincided roughly with the Adelaide John Martin’s Christmas Pageant, the harbinger of the magic festive season. So November has always carried an aura of “specialness” about it.

Others will also make hay while the November sun shines. “Movember” will encourage those of us who can to grow moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues – particularly prostate and testicular cancer prevention and treatment, and depression. Whilst supportive, I can hardly participate as my whiskers are a permanent feature of my face-scape.

Right now the prospect of November Novel Writing is nagging. I have four days to decide whether I will subject myself to the challenge of writing 1000 words a day for 30 days under the auspices of National Novel Writing Month . I’ve just registered with the site, but not yet sure that I’m committed to it.  There is an idea that I am keen to pursue and that should be some incentive. I think it will be a decision to grasp the nettle and just go with whatever comes off the keyboard. Life AFK (Away From Keyboard) is very insistent, but not dictatorial if I don’t let it be.

So some decisions need to be made in the next 48 hours, so should I go ahead, I will at least have time to plan an approach!



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