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TTT #2... 256365

Image by paloetic via Flickr

I am aroused from my holiday stupour to be reminded that a New Year is waiting in the wings.

One more country – Samoa – will see it first, having just yesterday moved itself to the left side of the International Date Line. So Samoa, used to being lucky last, now jumps to the head of the queue and leads the charge into 2012!

Resolutions – none from me this year. Postaday went well until about September then went the way of all good intentions. I am however, chuffed that I kept it going so long, made some great connections with fellow bloggers, and am more likely to keep blogging at least several times a week.

Philosophy as one year changes to the next? I can’t improve on all the bon mots appearing on my Face Book page today. So many good positive ones to choose from.
So here’s to 2011 and all that it brought to add to our experiences – good, indifferent, and demanding. And here’s to 2012 that stretches off into the unknown…