“Glass Half-Empty” Thomas

His expectations were always realistic. He was the one who led the disciples to accompany Jesus back to Lazarus’ funeral, fully realising the dangers and risk of arrest. He was the one who challenged Jesus about “knowing the way.” He wasn’t there when the risen Jesus appeared to the disciples in lock-down. Why not? PerhapsContinue reading ““Glass Half-Empty” Thomas”

Mark’s Deposition

Of all the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion, Mark’s seems to dwell at some length over the details of what happened to Jesus’ body immediately following his death. To quote Julius Sumner Miller’s famous question “Why is it so?” Is it to establish the fact of Jesus’ death? There is no evidence that the “swoon” theoryContinue reading “Mark’s Deposition”

Lenten Voices: The Harrowing of Hell

Medieval Passion plays made much of the visit of the crucified and triumphant Jesus to rescue the trapped ancestors from Hell. It is the ultimate “in your face” to the defeated powers of oppression, chaos and annihilation. Hell has no lasting power. It’s in 1 Peter 3:18-22. The Lenten journey to Good Friday will alwaysContinue reading “Lenten Voices: The Harrowing of Hell”

Reflecting on Easter Sunday… a sermon

“But how did it happen? I don’t understand how when he was dead he was alive again. How did it happen?” The class had finished. The next class was waiting and I was halfway through the door. A nine year old, engrossed in the drama of the Easter story, required an answer to this questionContinue reading “Reflecting on Easter Sunday… a sermon”

Raising Lazarus

Two weeks before Easter and it is not surprising that the story of the raising of Lazarus comes out for an airing (see John 11:1-45). Tales of “dead men walking” hold particularly morbid fascination for us. So compelling is the narrative, that a former Australian Prime Minister’s autobiography, which includes an episode of his fallContinue reading “Raising Lazarus”