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teacher_s_lament_grandeI have hung around enough educators to know that a teacher’s lot is not always a happy one. Today’s lament in Isaiah 50:4-9a probably resonates with a few.

The teacher here is different, however. It is a collective group – the people of Israel in exile aware of their usurped role as those chosen to teach the ways of G-d to the world. Far from adopting a superior stance, their lament is couched as part of one of the four Servant Songs of Isaiah. These songs would later be appropriated by early Christians to describe Jesus as the Suffering Servant.

Is there common ground in the lament of contemporary educators, ancient exiled Israel, and Jesus of Nazareth?  Misunderstood passion, unrealised vocation, and devalued commitment might all seem to be in the mix.

Perhaps all we are meant to do this side of Good Friday is identify and engage it.