An Ode to Courage

Bloganuary, to which I have sold my soul for a month, asks today’s audacious question, “How are you brave?”

In keeping with my primary goal of messing around with some words, let me offer a limerick:

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay

One day a pilgrim did wonder
If writing poetry would just be a blunder
So he set out some prose
and it rhymed I suppose
thus blowing his fears all asunder.

Published by wonderingpilgrim

Not really retired but reshaped and reshaping. Now a pilgrim at large ready to engage with what each day brings.

7 thoughts on “An Ode to Courage

  1. Oh this idea is so fun!

    I almost tried to
    make a limerick in my
    reply, decided


    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts this bloganuary.


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