Stem cell research – the way of compassion

The current debate on embryonic research has come to the fore this week. In the media, the storm is over whether church hierarchies are exercising undue coercion in influencing politicians of their flock who may be inclined to vote against church teachings. The effect of this media focus, of course, muddies the waters by introducingContinue reading “Stem cell research – the way of compassion”

Government Funding for School Chaplaincy

The Prime Minister recently announced a huge multi million dollar funding package to place chaplains in high schools. As someone who has been involved in funding and supporting chaplains, I think this is a bad idea. Its a job for the church, not government, and I see compromise and bureaucracy edging its way in toContinue reading “Government Funding for School Chaplaincy”

Getting kitted out

I’m currently pulling Ephesians 6:10-20 apart in readiness for Sunday’s harangue. It’s one of those extremely visual passages with ready made images from my Sunday School days – the Roman soldier kitted out in battle gear. The Sunday School message was quite evident in suitably modified moral protection terms. Wear the armour that will protectContinue reading “Getting kitted out”

Church with State or Church vs State?

Here’s a survey being run by the Australian Democrats. Basically it’s asking how involved with each other church and state should be in forming public policy. It’s at Give it a go! Thanks Michael Bullard for the tip off.