100 years of Women’s Ministry in WA

That’s what we’re celebrating this Sunday! Almost evokes a “so?” in this congregation which has not really differentiated ministry along gender lines from its inception. No new thing this – in fact my church would say women’s ministry has been a feature of the Church since Martha and Mary looked after Jesus in their respectiveContinue reading “100 years of Women’s Ministry in WA”

Back to Meeting God at the Movies

The project is now up and running. Did a test run with nine folk the other night, using a little known title – Going Home (2000) – a gentle little drama concerning interrupted careers in relation to aging parents and the dilemmas and confrontations that occur. Our debrief time revealed several triggers for some. ToContinue reading “Back to Meeting God at the Movies”

Jacob’s Ladder

Speaking of Jacob’s ladder (the original “Stairway to Heaven”) it comes up in tomorrow’s lectionary. There is some great rabbinic commentary on this episode in Jacob’s enforced flight from home to escape the wrath of Esau whom he diddled of his birthright. Jacob camps out in the open and has a dream – angels travellingContinue reading “Jacob’s Ladder”

Meeting God at the Movies

A little something about a research project of mine. Literature abounds on the meeting place of theology (particularly Christian) and contemporary cinema. As one who is engaged in spiritual direction, I am interested in how a person may encounter the transcendent and immanent in their movie going experience. Has a movie ever been the sourceContinue reading “Meeting God at the Movies”