Don’t Dis My Ability!

As¬†International Day of People with Disability¬†is marked today, this slogan resonated. Pretty well most of my life, folk with a “disabilty” have been part of my close circles – family, friends, community groups – ranging through developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, autism and many other labels that tend to isolate fellow human beings as “special.”Continue reading “Don’t Dis My Ability!”

The Black Balloon – Movie Review

Here is a story of autism within the chaotic unpredictabilty of family life. Charlie is an island within the swirling maelstrom of an extraverted family unit consisting of soldier Dad, heavily pregnant Mum, and younger brother Thomas. Fifteen year old Thomas is the protagonist and we largely see the delights and challenges of living withContinue reading “The Black Balloon – Movie Review”