Don’t Dis My Ability!

As¬†International Day of People with Disability¬†is marked today, this slogan resonated. Pretty well most of my life, folk with a “disabilty” have been part of my close circles – family, friends, community groups – ranging through developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, schizophrenia, autism and many other labels that tend to isolate fellow human beings as “special.”Continue reading “Don’t Dis My Ability!”

Churches where no wheelchairs go – Eureka Street

Here is a timely reminder for churches old and new: Churches where no wheelchairs go – Eureka Street. Universal access should be on the agenda of any community group that pursues compassion and hope as core values – and that surely includes church communities. It would be good for church board/ vestry/ management groups toContinue reading “Churches where no wheelchairs go – Eureka Street”