Reckless Generosity

I like this quote from Dorothy Day: “To attack poverty by preaching voluntary poverty seems like madness. But again, it is direct action….To be profligate in our love and generosity, spontaneous, to cut all the red tape of bureaucracy! The more you give away, the more the Lord will give you to give. It isContinue reading “Reckless Generosity”

Transcendent design

I was asked yesterday my opinion of “intelligent design.” I am usually cautious when answering such questions – they are often loaded! Not in this case however – and I was happy to acknowledge my unhappiness with the term – for two reasons. It has been hi-jacked by politicians falling over each other to winContinue reading “Transcendent design”


Back after some time away to ruminate on our next screening for “Meeting God at the Movies.” I had wanted something from the Science Fiction genre that was meatier than the horror flicks like “Alien”, “Predator” or “Independence Day.” “Close Encounters…” had been my choice but I recently came across “Contact” – has a bitContinue reading “Contact”

The Mission

That’s the movie, the second, being researched this Sunday. One might say it’s an obvious one for the project – an overtly religious theme! Superficially so, but there are also a few sub themes. It will be interesting to review the feedback given the criteria for expressing the experience of the film. Ultimately, I suspect,Continue reading “The Mission”

A Tribute from The Tablet

A man of peace cut down Alain Woodrow The murder this week of Brother Roger Schutz, founder of the Taizé community, shocked Christians everywhere. But his vision will still draw pilgrims The violent assassination of Brother Roger Schutz, founder of the Taizé Community, on Tuesday 16 August, was all the more ironic in that heContinue reading “A Tribute from The Tablet”

Requiem Brother Roger

Sad news from the Taizé Community’s web-site: Frère Roger has entered the life of eternity. During the evening prayer on Tuesday 16 August, in the midst of the crowd surrounding the Community in the Church of Reconciliation, a woman – probably mentally disturbed – struck Brother Roger violently with knife blows. He died a fewContinue reading “Requiem Brother Roger”

Musing on the the Research

I’m well into the research project now and its humming along nicely. The next screening, “The Mission” is on Sunday week – it is the only one of the five selections that has an overtly religious theme. One immediate outcome of the research is the number of suggestions for films that I might use inContinue reading “Musing on the the Research”

Catching Up and Synchronicity

One can’t go away for five days, then return and just take up where one left off, it seems. Life moves on while you’re gone, the “in-tray” gets higher and then you have to spend several days playing catch-up. So fret not, o blogger-philes, all is well and I have returned! I am wondering howContinue reading “Catching Up and Synchronicity”