Brazil in 2012

Tonight, acceptance of the invitation from our churches in Brazil to hold the 2012 Convention there was accepted with acclamation. Under normal circumstances, Zimbabwe, the home of incoming president, B. J. Mpofu, would have been the country of choice, but the current situation makes this difficult. No doubt we will hear more of arrangements as they unfold.

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One thought on “Brazil in 2012

  1. Without even hinting at corncnuttisg a law, I would like to express agreement with Ian’s conviction that the ideal, God’s best for us, but no means a law, is that Body members meeting together live in as close proximity as possible for the reasons Ian indicated. My wife Judy and I have been in fellowship with some precious brethren in Christ Jesus for eleven years, meeting in the simple/house manner. These sisters and brothers are inexpressibly dear to us, yet our homes stretch over an area about thirty miles diameter; therefore, the cost and time required for travel sharply limit frequency and extent of life interaction, and therefore limit love expressed in deed and truth, limit mutual discernment, encouragement, admonishment, correction, training in righteousness, and joint outward ministry involvement. If they could look more deeply into my daily life, I’m confident our Lord would use them to a greater extent, as iron sharpens iron, to confess sins and repent, to stimulate me to love and good deeds, and to stimulate my growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, all to the glory of God and my own peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


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