CHOGM and Prayer

Looks like stranded CHOGM delegates no longer have to sing “We still call Australia home” and can now board their Qantas flights to their destinations. The streets of Perth are returning to normal and I could even drive along Riverside Drive following the cathedral service marking the end of CHOGM. Yesterday’s “Celebration of the Nations”Continue reading “CHOGM and Prayer”

Such is life?…

Often a picture does it best. I’ve seen reams written on “the six (sometimes seven) stages of life” and even run the odd workshop or two myself. I found this silent but eloquent expression on  The caption is a bit of a worry. That’s why I’ve inserted the question mark. “Such is life!” TheseContinue reading “Such is life?…”

Marking November how?

November is approaching – the harbinger of low temperatures by climate on the the top half of the planet and air conditioner in the countries “down under” the equator. (Australia’s not the only country “down under”, by the way). Personally, November is a bit of a bookmark month, being the month of my arrival onContinue reading “Marking November how?”

Perth does CHOGM

Fighter jets flying overhead and rattling my office windows. Concentration of police and security in the Central Business District. Vehicles and personnel are being stopped and searched under special temporary laws. The homeless have been moved on. The Prime Minister & Cabinet move into the city and set up house. The red carpet is noContinue reading “Perth does CHOGM”

Versatile Blogging Award

Just when you thought it was safe to give up blogging… along comes Granny Dog to nominate you for the Versatile Blogging Award! While it’s been one of those time poor weeks where even the basics of life, like eating and sleeping, jostle for their allotted times – it’s easy to ask, “What can I do without?”Continue reading “Versatile Blogging Award”

Foodbanks in a land of plenty – World Food Day

Image by Rrrrred via Flickr       By world standards, Australia is one of the best fed countries. In spite of the vicissitudes of climate and a creeping drought line, we produce plenty of food, trade vigorously and respond to appeals for help in world famine trouble spots, sometimes generously, sometimes not as muchContinue reading “Foodbanks in a land of plenty – World Food Day”

Movie Review: Higher Ground

Higher Ground will have limited appeal to those interested in how room for doubt and exploring the nature of faith is accommodated or otherwise within the boundaries of family life confined by fundamentalist brands of evangelical Christianity, All characters are portrayed sympathetically, even those who portray the most obviously flawed expressions of their faith. ThisContinue reading “Movie Review: Higher Ground”

Expedient decency

Isn’t it funny how the best humanitarian outcome is seen as a government defeat? (See PM concedes defeat in asylum stand-off ) It could have been so different, with government leadership taking a principled stand rather than letting the opposition,  a fear frenzied section of the population and empire building bureaucrats seize control of the discourse. WhatContinue reading “Expedient decency”