Perth does CHOGM

Fighter jets flying overhead and rattling my office windows. Concentration of police and security in the Central Business District. Vehicles and personnel are being stopped and searched under special temporary laws. The homeless have been moved on. The Prime Minister & Cabinet move into the city and set up house. The red carpet is noContinue reading “Perth does CHOGM”

Sunday session drinking is sinking…

Alcohol related violence in Perth has escalated to the point where a weekend scarcely passes without death or serious injury. The latest incident, described in the article,¬†Ocean Beach Hotel Death | Sunday session drinking, caps the concern.¬†Ironically, a lot of binge-drinking seems to be stimulated by either having too much money or not enough! ManyContinue reading “Sunday session drinking is sinking…”

Celebrating the Unthanks

Festivals of arts always give us the opportunity to dip into a smorgasbord of genres we may not otherwise take the trouble to encounter. Jenny and I celebrated belatedly her birthday by having a night out with the Unthanks, a unique folk group blending traditional and contemporary music from the north east of England –Continue reading “Celebrating the Unthanks”