Cryptic Crosswords

It’s hard to imagine that, around 4 weeks ago, I was languishing in Los Angeles International Air Terminal, waiting for a plane to begin the long journey home to Perth. A souvenir of the 9 hour wait sits on my desk, staring accusingly at me. It’s a book – The New York Times think outside the boxContinue reading “Cryptic Crosswords”

A platypus at Otter Creek

Otter Creek Church of Christ was one of a number of Nashville churches that graciously hosted World Convention visitors today. The church is an adherent of the a capella tradition, but for the last ten years has worked diligently in promoting healing of the divisions within the Stone-Campbell movement. One leader wryly observed that theyContinue reading “A platypus at Otter Creek”

Some new websites

Adding to the sidebar some new websites. Our revamped church website. PeaceChurch, a new venture that we hope will become a “parallel congregation” in Perth’s western suburbs – it has a dedicated “justice and mercy” bent. Not up yet, but watch for “Sacred Spaces”, another parallel church celebrating a contemplative approach Many thanks to webmasterContinue reading “Some new websites”

"Increase Our Faith!" – a realistic demand?

A Church Anniversary Sermon Luke 17: 5-10 Some are saying the monks of Myanmar are no more. The saffron revolution is over. The dream of these peace-loving clerics was that they might act as a conciliatory go-between for the impoverished population and the brutal military junta that has reigned for over a decade. Today monasteriesContinue reading “"Increase Our Faith!" – a realistic demand?”

Sunday Morning Harangue

Luke 16:19-31 The Rich Man & Lazarus A green-thumb I am not, but my attention has been drawn to what will be familiar to some of you gardeners – leaf miners! A few clicks of the mouse button led me to discover that leaf miners are insect larvae that live within leaf tissue. They feedContinue reading “Sunday Morning Harangue”

Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore…

… the army of heavy machinery that turns the overhead wire spaghetti jungle into clean neat underground power lobs on our doorstep. This is the driveway we share with the church right now. Meantime the broken fence rubble is being buried under rubble from several deep holes. Judging from what’s happening around the streets, itContinue reading “Just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore…”

Bonhoeffer, Zimbabwe and the Prodigal Son

In recent times I have often used the illustration of a rope with its many strands to urge the contemplation of how the seemingly unrelated issues with which we wrestle can provide a unifying strength. This last week has seen me attempting to come to grips with Bonhoeffer’s approach to ethics, a challenge to participateContinue reading “Bonhoeffer, Zimbabwe and the Prodigal Son”

Lamenting Jerusalem – Second Sunday in Lent

Luke 13:31-35 sees Jesus lamenting over Jerusalem – a centre of power and influence in his part of the world in his time – probably no different from any other city we know, ancient or modern. There was one difference however. Jerusalem was heir to the Abrahamic covenant – a divine initiative that would seeContinue reading “Lamenting Jerusalem – Second Sunday in Lent”

Revisiting Aquachurch

This book (by Leonard Sweet) was probably one of the most influential in getting this aging baby-boomer to begin thinking outside the square when it comes to organising and leading churches through change. It comes to light again as I travel with my congregation through a Church Life Review process. Many of our learnings areContinue reading “Revisiting Aquachurch”

Riding the Apocalypse with Bob

According to artist, Robert Brittain, the last book in the Bible is best understood as a visual and visceral experience. The Apocalypse, or the Revelation of John, comprises a vision revealed to the early church pioneer while a prisoner on the Mediterranean island of Patmos around AD90. Last Sunday at the Church of Christ WembleyContinue reading “Riding the Apocalypse with Bob”