Getting kitted out

I’m currently pulling Ephesians 6:10-20 apart in readiness for Sunday’s harangue. It’s one of those extremely visual passages with ready made images from my Sunday School days – the Roman soldier kitted out in battle gear. The Sunday School message was quite evident in suitably modified moral protection terms. Wear the armour that will protectContinue reading “Getting kitted out”

When it all comes together

Church reviews, Celtic models of ministry and Paul’s letter to the Ephesians bring about another of those synchronous moments of which I am quite fond! The Revised Common Lectionary has us travelling through Ephesians right now – a marvelous treatise of a vision of universal community that embraces all – for all are from GodContinue reading “When it all comes together”

Analysis Paralysis

Wednesday already! I have just launched a harangue for this week’s church newsletter about the necessary evils of statistics and surveys. We are beginning a Church Life Review by filling out National Church Life Survey forms as a congregation together during the service. (This will be good practice for Census night on Tuesday). Then weContinue reading “Analysis Paralysis”

Well, well, well!

The challenge to the church was to raise $4000 to sink a well in the remote drought stricken hinterlands of Zimbabwe. Individuals and groups set about to devise their fund-raising schemes. Our resident artist devised a working model that would show week by week how far the bore had sunk towards the water table farContinue reading “Well, well, well!”


It’s the name of a book by Murray Bail that I’m reading at the moment. It’s also what the stand of tuarts around the church are saying after this morning’s loppings – “You clipped us!” (Sorry, can’t help it!). Tuarts are a very hardy species of eucalyptus, peculiar to this part of Australia. Bail’s bookContinue reading “Eucalyptus”

Grand Opening of Universal WC

A little piece of doggerel to commemorate the opening of a universal WC at the Wembley Downs Church of Christ Now its here! Now its done! A toilet that all can access – the halt and the lame, the gent and the dame may “go” with all speedy success. “Let’s have a grand opening!” theContinue reading “Grand Opening of Universal WC”

World Cup Blues

Members of my congregation were somewhat exercised that Brazil appeared on yesterday’s list for intercessions under the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle. Within 14 hours, Australia’s Socceroos were due to play Brazil, the top contenders for the World Cup. How do you intercede for a nation with which one’s own is in contest, even only recreationally? WeContinue reading “World Cup Blues”

Van Tuong Nguyen

A single flower in the church courtyard fountain measures the strength of community feeling over this morning’s execution of convicted drug mule, Van Tuong Nguyen. It is understated but eloquent, for indeed, community feeling is divided. Public debate, emotive as it is, lines up as retribution vs rehabilitation. The apparent rehabilitation of Nguyen, enhanced byContinue reading “Van Tuong Nguyen”

Oranges; No Lemons!

Lots and lots of oranges have been boosting some of our local church fund-raising projects. One church family decided life was not busy enough, so invested in an orange orchard near Bindoon, about 100 kms north of Perth. Since then, the whole congregation and beyond has had regular access to a healthy dose of VitaminContinue reading “Oranges; No Lemons!”