A little piece of doggerel to commemorate the opening of a universal WC at the Wembley Downs Church of Christ

Now its here! Now its done!
A toilet that all can access –
the halt and the lame, the gent and the dame
may “go” with all speedy success.

“Let’s have a grand opening!”
the Board Chairman declared,
“and let the Lotteries rep be invited.”
So to Open House the hordes repaired –
all anticipatory, ready and excited.

Now how does one open a new WC
with appropriate flair and not rush?
Does one cut a ribbon? Unveil a plaque?
Or press a button and flush?

The Good Book provided a verse or two
to inspire some imaginative work
“Drink from your own cisterns,”
was the advice it put forth –
but methinks the connection a quirk!

Speeches were made, and thanks were expressed
To Lotteries and donors alike,
No ribbon was cut, no button depressed –
Morning tea was served instead!