Oranges; No Lemons!

Lots and lots of oranges have been boosting some of our local church fund-raising projects. One church family decided life was not busy enough, so invested in an orange orchard near Bindoon, about 100 kms north of Perth. Since then, the whole congregation and beyond has had regular access to a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Recently, on an untypically rainy day for this time of year, we all invaded the Bindoon property and learned a lot about growing and harvesting oranges. So what’s the deep and meaningful point? I don’t know – except it was one of those serendipitous days that burns itself into a church’s collective consciousness and reminds her in good times and dark how good it is to belong together and share a common life in Christ. Posted by Picasa

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2 thoughts on “Oranges; No Lemons!

  1. Dennis,

    I’m keen to find out more about these…what do you call them….. o r a n g e s? Are they magic fruits that release some sort of community building toxin, and when the toxin is released it eradicates all sour faces, and the people all stop stucking lemons. Tell me, where do I get these oranges. I’ll have some for my church thanks.
    Sorry, it must be the weather or something, I’ve just spent the last hour ranting on peoples blogs, including my own.
    But seriously, I’m keen to hear more about what your community is doing here.


  2. Cheeky Nef!! Sometimes oranges are just oranges!

    Seriously though, this family’s orange orchard which started as a retirement hobby has provided substantial funding for some church projects. Tempting to link it with this Sunday’s “Parable of the Talents” – but that’s not what that parable’s about (and that’s for another blog entry)
    What’s our community doing here? Simply enjoying “show and tell!” and the possibility of an extended labour pool when harvest time comes round!


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