Is King’s Park a thin place?

I led a group of theologs in addressing this question earlier this week. King’s Park is a popular tourist spot overlooking Perth. It contains a large number of hectares of natural bushland, the state war memorial, botanic gardens and picnic areas. It is a place of great spiritual significance to the Noongar people.

Our particular exercise was to contemplate the Celtic notion of “thin place” – or where the spirituality of a place is so pervasive that the veil separating heaven from earth grows transparent enough to see from one place into the other. What then are the implications as we share the Christian journey with others? The photo is from the Mt Eliza lookout – usually very crowded on a fine day. This was the middle of the week on a rare bleak day. Less people than usual and a nice Celtic climatic backdrop. It helped! Posted by Picasa

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2 thoughts on “Is King’s Park a thin place?

  1. A “thin” place.
    Is heaven or God any more or less accessible from any place?
    Isn’t it that certain features affect us and “thin down” our resistance to heaven in any place? We become more open because of our response to a place, rather than because of the intrinsic “thin-ness” of a place??

    I suppose the journey of spirituality is one of thinning down all places, starting with particularly attractive ones, so that we can eventually have the veil down in all places. Is that where Jesus was at?


  2. An interesting reflection. Time spent somewhere we perceive as a “thin place” can certainly sharpen our awareness to the ubiquity of God’s all pervasive presence. Not all “thin places” are necessarily attractive, however. Some are quite daunting. I imagine the wilderness where Jesus was tested was one such “thin place.” The mount where the Transfiguration occurred, another. Jesus often went off early in the morning to an isolated spot to pray. (This raises questions of “thin times” as well!)


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