Revisiting Aquachurch

This book (by Leonard Sweet) was probably one of the most influential in getting this aging baby-boomer to begin thinking outside the square when it comes to organising and leading churches through change. It comes to light again as I travel with my congregation through a Church Life Review process. Many of our learnings are reflecting the challenges in this book – the need for fluidity rather than rigidity in our planning and organisation. I find this a particular challenge as churches join other community organisations in responding to the need to tighten internal structures in terms of governance and duty of care. There is a tension between the call to creating spaces for spontaneous response to the movements of the Spirit and the careful administrative oversight to which church leaders are increasingly summoned. Whether it is a creative tension remains a moot point.

Published by wonderingpilgrim

Okay Boomer - that I am. But not one of them know-it-all ones! Still learning that the more I know, the more I have yet to learn. What I do know, however, I know well.

One thought on “Revisiting Aquachurch

  1. It was this tension that I felt chased me away from my last job in a local church…but I discover it does not matter how fast or far your run, admin, governance and protocol runs faster!!
    Happy reading!
    Oh – Reading recomendation – The Church Without Walls – Jim Peterson


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