Retiring a Marriage Celebrant’s Licence

Today I voluntarily surrendered my licence to celebrate marriages. It’s part of “incremental retirement,” I suppose, but I prefer to see it as part of “a changing shape of vocation.” So why now? My last wedding was four years ago. Since then, administrative changes, including the advent of online form filling and streamlining legal obligations,Continue reading “Retiring a Marriage Celebrant’s Licence”

Place and Time: Peterson’s Pastoral Imagination

Some of the most evocative reading I’ve engaged over the Christmas/New Year break has been from Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor: a memoir . The development of what he has famously described as “pastoral imagination” is to the fore throughout the telling of his autobiographical pilgrimage. His opening section, Topos and Kairos, I found immediately compelling. TheContinue reading “Place and Time: Peterson’s Pastoral Imagination”

Cryptic Crosswords

It’s hard to imagine that, around 4 weeks ago, I was languishing in Los Angeles International Air Terminal, waiting for a plane to begin the long journey home to Perth. A souvenir of the 9 hour wait sits on my desk, staring accusingly at me. It’s a book – The New York Times think outside the boxContinue reading “Cryptic Crosswords”