The Beginning

Blogging seems to be where it’s at. I have gained much from blogs I have read in recent times. Maybe its time to start giving back.

The monicker “wondering pilgrim” came out of the blue as setup asked me for a blog name, but it seems to be apt. I am wondering where blogging may lead, and my stance to life is that of a pilgrim on a journey of discovery, even at the ripe old age of fifty five. This is not to say that I have not already been greatly enriched by what life has offered and, indeed, what life has enticed me to return.

I will blog mostly from the stance of one who is involved in Christian ministry, using this space as a sounding board to myself and others who are interested enough to walk with me a while. And let’s just see what happens! I’m open to chasing rabbits through paddocks and as far down the burrow as we can go, fishing for red herrings in bottomless buckets, and generally chewing the fat with anyone so inclined. Here endeth the beginning!