Fire & Flood

While Perth endures a highly- fueled bush fire season, Australia’s other natural nemesis is making it’s presence known in Carnarvon and even more devastatingly in the eastern states. Incoming news reports speak of the unfolding drama affecting thousands of people in south-western Queensland, the well populated areas from Toowoomba to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Even though theContinue reading “Fire & Flood”

‘No grey areas’ in stance on whaling, says minister | The Australian

Politics is always going to see the tension between environmental striving and so-called economic necessity. This is a given. But why try and  hide it? When all comes to light, as it inevitably will, our lead negotiators are revealed as disingenuous, saying one thing (a lie) for public consumption while sealing compromise behind closed doors.Continue reading “‘No grey areas’ in stance on whaling, says minister | The Australian”

What do I think of this…?

Doubting Thomas strikes again and I am caught on the horns of a dilemma. As an Easter person, I would dearly love to hear political leaders who also claim to be Easter people spell out the rationale of their party policies and how they line up as practical expressions of the reign of YHWH inContinue reading “What do I think of this…?”

“Australia” the Movie – Kitsch or Epic?

No doubt about it – this reviewer has mixed reactions to Australia, the movie. The characters and plot devices are exaggerated caricatures of all that has been classic in cinematography and depictions of this land. At one level it comes across as a kind of “Gone with the Wind Down Under” – and in the meantimeContinue reading ““Australia” the Movie – Kitsch or Epic?”