Why Wattle Day should be our national day – Eureka Street

Paul Newbury argues for wattle as a potentially powerful unifying symbol for the journey of reconciliation in Australia.
Why not move our national day to September 1st – Wattle Day?

Why Wattle Day should be our national day – Eureka Street.

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3 thoughts on “Why Wattle Day should be our national day – Eureka Street

  1. Thanks Dennis for your increased reflections through your blog. The article in Eureka St was like a potted history of the indigenous people of Australia, along with a fine suggestion for an appropriate national day less painful and contentious. I nearly said “our” indigenous people, but halted, thinking about the possible interpretations of that small word of possession.

    To whose “our” is it referring to? It could be taken as an affectionate but patronising “our” of the non-indigenous. Or it could e a uniting “our”, as together.
    I guess when we truly have a sense of national unity which reference is meant, would be taken as read.

    I celebrate Australia Day, but would like it to be on Wattle Day for the obvious reasons. I think I will fly the flag on Wattle Day September 1st, as well now.



    1. Thanks, Rod, for your thoughtful comment.
      I think heightened awareness alerts us to the way we habitually use words and that takes us into deeper, more compassionate reflection. I always find myself caught out on ‘Australia Day.’ A number of friends and close associates are at the stage in their journey where they are being nominated or receiving honours for their life work and I sincerely wish to congratulate them. They represent a lot of what we want to celebrate in our national character. If only it could be a day other than January 26th!
      Some claim January 1st – Federation Day – should be it. I think September 1st holds a potentially more powerful symbol for unification that goes beyond European determined state boundaries. And we should be in discussion with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities so that it becomes a joint proposal rather than another day one imposes on the other.


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