Dragon Printers

The church copier has been at me again. “Replace Toner Cartridge” it insists. I go through the routine of swapping it over. The machine whirrs, clicks and grinds. The little green screen flashes a message at me – “Replace Toner Cartridge”. Grrr, I’ll show it who’s boss! I press the reboot and wait.  “Replace Toner Cartridge” itContinue reading “Dragon Printers”

Dilemma dealing

Here is a renewed attempt at cartooning. It is replicated from an adolescent memory of a cartoon I saw in some forgotten magazine. Of course, the caricature caught in unflattering circumstances is myself! I think it denotes my native predisposition. Black and white solutions to complex issues rarely satisfy me, especially when they are theContinue reading “Dilemma dealing”

The power of cartooning

I recall my peers’ high-school cartooning of unpopular teachers, particularly those that sought to wield what seemed like over-abundant power on our free time. The power of cartooning became more apparent to me during my seminary years as I teamed with a colleague to make cartoon commentary on our community life. The weekly ‘FLIT’ cartoonContinue reading “The power of cartooning”