The power of cartooning

I recall my peers’ high-school cartooning of unpopular teachers, particularly those that sought to wield what seemed like over-abundant power on our free time.

The power of cartooning became more apparent to me during my seminary years as I teamed with a colleague to make cartoon commentary on our community life. The weekly ‘FLIT’ cartoon was bound to draw a crowd around the noticeboard. Reactions ranged from delight to outrage amongst students and diffident aloofness among faculty.

The power of a few squiggles to make a sharp point, lampoon airs & graces, uncover a hidden agenda, and even point to loftier ideals has appealed to me ever since, although I rarely bring out the cartooning pen and ink these days. Pastoral sensibilities have come to transcend the prophetic bite, I’m afraid.

Eureka Street’s cartoonist, Fiona Katauskas, has an excellent article on the power of the cartoon at Drawing Julia Gillard – Eureka Street.

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