Dragon Printers

PhotocopierThe church copier has been at me again. “Replace Toner Cartridge” it insists. I go through the routine of swapping it over. The machine whirrs, clicks and grinds. The little green screen flashes a message at me – “Replace Toner Cartridge”.

Grrr, I’ll show it who’s boss! I press the reboot and wait.  “Replace Toner Cartridge” it insists. Oh well, must be a crook cartridge. I repeat the routine and wait.

“Replace Toner Cartridge”

I give up. Next day, I try again, hoping the machine has relented.  “Replace Toner Cartridge” “Replace Toner Cartridge”.

After researching manuals both hard copy and online, I am flummoxed. Why not just type the problem into Google? Up comes a video that shows me a fix. In one minute the printer is purring like a kitten.

I send out an email informing everyone the printer is now fixed (I coyly make some mention of my genius!)

The next email arrives in my Inbox – completely unrelated – but headed “There is no magic manual…

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Not really retired but reshaped and reshaping. Now a pilgrim at large ready to engage with what each day brings.

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