Ha ha ha….

What makes you laugh? #Bloganuary writing prompt Irony. I grew up on American slapstick which entertained me for a while but was ultimately unsatisfying. A lot of it turned real in the hazing typical of adolescence and early adulthood – both as executor and executee. Much of the laughter was hollow. Thank goodness for aContinue reading “Ha ha ha….”

Sweet mystery of wife…

Who is someone who inspires you and why? #Bloganuary Writing Prompt I’m going to give a shoutout to my wife. I shall defer to her desire to remain in the background by not using her name here – our friends and companions of many years know! We met when I was a fledgling bachelor ministerContinue reading “Sweet mystery of wife…”

Thirteenth Day of Christmas

Thirteenth day of Christmas! Is there such a thing? There is a parody verse that is sometimes added to the well known 12 days song. The beloved is so overwhelmed by the noisy, messy menagerie of gifts that she wants to return them!There is a little known “13th day” observation that observes the day followingContinue reading “Thirteenth Day of Christmas”

If wishes were fishes…

“What is something you wish you knew how to do?” – Bloganuary Writing Prompt One day, my eight year old self wished he knew how to fish! Not perturbed that fishing was a skill anywhere near his family’s list of desired recreations, he raided the kitchen knick-knack drawer, found some string and a safety pin.,Continue reading “If wishes were fishes…”

Toyin’ with my mind

#Bloganuary today prompts us to write about a favourite childhood toy. I went out to the garage and pulled down the box that stores the remnants of my old Hornby O gauge train set. I think I was about 6 or 7 when it appeared under the Christmas Tree. I had hours of fun layingContinue reading “Toyin’ with my mind”

#Bloganuary No.3

Write about the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone Sometimes it seems as if I am perpetually out of my comfort zone. The paradox is that I have spent a life time – seven decades! – learning to live within a state of what some call “existential dissonance.”It may sound grim, butContinue reading “#Bloganuary No.3”

#Bloganuary No. 2

What’s a road trip you’d like to take? They ask me this and I scratch my head,I’ve done a few, and of more I’ve read,What can eclipse the roads I’ve traveledAnd the stories and thoughts that they in turn unravelled. Our very own Nullarbor had its Kombi runRoos, wombats and camels in the burning sunHitchhikersContinue reading “#Bloganuary No. 2”