My strength is made perfect in weakness

#Bloganuary Writing Prompt: What is a Superpower You Wish You Had?

It seems one is doomed to push back on these prompts. A lot of us don’t realise the “superpower” we already possess. My brief brush with martial arts as a teenager left me with one life lesson (and a gammy ankle!) “Do not resist force used against you – receive its strength and use it to your advantage.” For this reason, one’s perceived weakness can become a superpower – something that the heroes and antiheroes of the Marvel menagerie have begun to highlight.

“My strength is made perfect in weakness,” is part of the sage reflection of the Apostle Paul as he describes the act of owning his flaws and vulnerabilities as making room for his experience of the transforming strength of Christ.

And how’s this for synchronicity? Today I was gifted a book by Brené Brown, and in looking up her bio, I came across this TED talk that put her name on the map.
I leave it here as a benediction!

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