One and All

I have always enjoyed the offerings of Hugh Mackay, no less his current title The Art of Belonging, which I have just begun to read. His journal-like writing as a sociologist has always been most accessible. This work is worth chewing on for anyone remotely involved in community work, especially faith communities. The struggle of theContinue reading “One and All”

Quantum Physics meets the Mad Hatter

The Pastor and the Physicist continue to dialogue over matters of faith and science, prompted by feature articles in a pile of New Scientist magazines. Quantum physics has to make its appearance at some stage, and, sure enough the next lead story explores an experiment showing quantum particles that “lose their identity,” thus redefining reality. OutContinue reading “Quantum Physics meets the Mad Hatter”

Faith – Stop Picking on Science!

In sync with my current series as I trawl through a bundle of New Scientist articles thoughtfully loaned to me by a parishioner is this offering from today’s Facebook feed: Is your church still picking a fight with science? My current congregation never has, but one sometimes gets the impression it’s one of a group of rogue shipsContinue reading “Faith – Stop Picking on Science!”

A Million Year Mind

Let’s kick off the Physicists & a Parson Parley series with a look at the lead article in New Scientist (1 March 2014) – “Your Million Year Mind.” (I keep catching myself reading it as “your million dollar mind” – how conditioned am I by the prevailing culture of economic rationalism?) In summary, the piece explores how the measurableContinue reading “A Million Year Mind”

Physicists and a Parson Parley

There’s a heap of New Scientist magazines on my desk. Scientists of various disciplines, some at the peak of their field, have always been present in the various faith communities I have served. To varying degrees, conversations between faith and science have been mutually rewarding. All have eschewed the alleged dichotomy advanced by fundamentalists of either religiousContinue reading “Physicists and a Parson Parley”