Thinking Inside The Box!

The second attempt at today’s Worldle took me to La Tête Carrée Library, Nice, France. It has four stories of offices and three stories of library shelves. The lion had no courageThe tinman had no heartThe scarecrow had no thinking headBut dreamed of being smart If only the road of yellow bricksPassed through the cityContinue reading “Thinking Inside The Box!”

Tea and Sugar Train

Imagine living out in the middle of nowhere, 1000 kilometers from anywhere. Nothing to see but flat horizon all around.  A few prefab huts… and a slender steel ribbon disappearing in both directions, your only link to places east and west. Every day or so the behemoths trundle past with their long trail of passengersContinue reading “Tea and Sugar Train”

Nashville Pilgrim’s Progress – the beginning

Right – just found a place that seems able to connect with my little Asus eee, so here’s the prequel to the above.- @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> How to kill time in transit at the vast Changi air terminal – although kill’s probably not theContinue reading “Nashville Pilgrim’s Progress – the beginning”

Captain’s Log

Day 1 Fair sailing along the Mundaring –Kalgoorlie Pipeline, then to Norseman. Traversing dry wheat country where the signs of encroaching salt are ominous, then the goldfields. Coolgardie, with its wide streets and grand buildings, is practically a ghost town these days – 750 kms Day 2 Swift passage through a lonely stretch to Eucla.Continue reading “Captain’s Log”

The beginning of a 7000 km voyage

nd this is the barque. It’s a land voyage, of course… and it will take us across the continent and back – first to Adelaide to spend some catch-up time with my extended family – and then to Melbourne – a few days sightseeing with Jenny & Lachlan (who, in his memory, has never beenContinue reading “The beginning of a 7000 km voyage”