Day Two of Christmas

Temperature wise, Boxing Day eclipses yesterday by hitting the mercury at 44 Celsius (111.2 Fahrenheit). With Perth dipping into long avoided COVID restrictions (masks in internal public gatherings) and Christmas Day fatigue, we are skipping church services today. Great opportunity, however, to reflect more deeply on this season that we have entered and how oneContinue reading “Day Two of Christmas”

Haiku Happy – First Day of Christmas

In seeking to revive some wordsmith skills, I intend to irritate my readers with some 5/7/5 syllable poetic reflections after the Japanese haiku style. I have already learned of a school of thought that asserts that English iterations of this style tend to do little justice to the beauty of classic Japanese literary rhythms. Instead,Continue reading “Haiku Happy – First Day of Christmas”

Busier doing nothing?!?!

We had most of the group end of year breakups last week. Just one or two to go in the next day or so. (For those north of the equator, the combination down under of summer holidays, Christmas and New Year makes for six weeks of what we call the silly season – don’t worry,Continue reading “Busier doing nothing?!?!”