Busier doing nothing?!?!

christmas 2007
Image by paparutzi via Flickr

We had most of the group end of year breakups last week. Just one or two to go in the next day or so. (For those north of the equator, the combination down under of summer holidays, Christmas and New Year makes for six weeks of what we call the silly season – don’t worry, we’re back to normal about the last week of January). Once the break-ups have occurred, my calendar suddenly begins to look very empty. There is momentary relief from what can develop at times to be a grinding schedule. But, ahhh – now – a chance to catch up on some reading, a bit of writing, maybe even clearing away some filing and tidying up a little. But no! The demons of chaos descend, attracted by the vast emptiness of the Outlook calendar. Urgent administrative appointments, papers set aside for “later” and that should have been signed off two weeks ago, and a range of organisational trivia break the dam and flood the waking hours to bursting. Truth is – all this was there all the time. Routine intimidated the important but not urgent and it all kept its distance. But now it is taking insistent opportunity and declaring its urgency, and the days to Christmas are full. Just as well I’m taking a couple of weeks’ leave in the New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Busier doing nothing?!?!

  1. Thank you. We’ll be heading to Adelaide where all my kin are… it’s 18 months since I was last there for a flying visit. Then looking forward to a lazy remainder of January back on deck before it all cranks up again.


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