When not enough is too much

“Write of Rain!” urges the Bloganuary MuseIt’s not a theme I’d ordinarily choose‘Tis a tender topic within the land I dwell‘Cos there’s either too much or it’s parched as hell. O’Brien’s Hanrahan watched the changing skies“We’ll all be rooned!” were his constant criesWhether far too much or not quite enoughThat fickle rain had them doin’Continue reading “When not enough is too much”

Rain – the good, the bad and the ugly

Heavy soaking rain… It is good that this parched part of the country is getting some long awaited H2O. It is good that our empty reservoirs may begin to not look so empty. It is good that the cycles of nature have not completely abandoned our poor stewardship. It is bad that I can hear emergency vehicle sirens inContinue reading “Rain – the good, the bad and the ugly”