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heart shapeIn these days of contractual focus and litigation, it is rare to hear of the “contract of the heart.” At least, that’s what I thought until I decided to google it and see what came up. Apparently, it is a thing! Put simply, it is a mutually agreed “code of conduct” to be exercised at senior levels of management. In the USA, it is called a “love contract.” Hard-bitten Aussies are reluctant to use such nomenclature, but (probably in the wake of high-profile public scandals) are seriously implementing it. See Contract of the Heart by Robyn Molloy

It’s not new, however. Check Jeremiah 31:31-34. He was not all doom and gloom. He envisioned the day his people would move beyond the rigour of unkeepable rules and regs and be guided instead by the contract that G-d would write on their hearts. We may have some way to go yet, but maybe the great ship of our world can still have its course corrected. All it takes is enough open hearts willing to be written on.