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Bruce Sanguin shared 10 succinct pegs for evolving practitioners of the Jesus way to hang their hats on at the Common Dreams Conference in Canberra tonight.

  1. Kick the apocalyptic habit. Things ain’t all bad, indeed the world is ablaze with the glory of God if one cares to look.
  2. Be inclusive of the tradition that nurtured you and provided your confessional DNA.
  3. Affirm providence – the loving nurture that pervades the cosmos.
  4. Get out of your heads – drop into your yearning. In avoiding the fear of the irrational, do not neglect to embrace the trans-rational.
  5. Offer hope.
  6. Preach beauty
  7. Return to the wisdom of the body – personal and planet – remember the Christian faith is incarnational.
  8. Redeem legacy of indigenous wisdom through listening to first peoples elders.
  9. Complain less and build the Kingdom of God more.
  10. Love all creation.