… looks like postaday has gone out the window! It’s over a week since I’ve posted anything on my wordpress blog. I guess this eliminates me from whatever trophy or medal was to be awarded come December 31. Even though there was a sheer multiplication of immediate and insistent preoccupations and layered interruptions that interfered with my daily intentions, followed by the dismay of missing first one, then two days, and finally a whole week of scribing, I felt exhilaration. It was as if some shackles had been loosed. Having slavishly tied myself to writing something each day, no matter how banal, I was relieved to be able to give myself permission to be released. I’ll swing back onto the postaday merry-go-round, but now it will be under my conditions! So, maybe I’ll be here tomorrow and maybe I won’t.

Edit: I knew there was a reason I configured these posts to arrive in my email in-box. I get to see them as a recipient! I’m not happy with the curmudgeonly sounding ending. If my few readers are gracious enough to read this far they deserve something a little more promising, so I will make evey endeavour to be here tomorrow… and the day after!