Universal truth or ultimate self-indulgence? (Part 2)

Does popular culture have its own way of addressing theological constructs? We briefly considered three movies to see how they handled preoccupation with the tension between determinism and free-will – “salvation” being seen in terms of liberation from controlling forces, be they personal or institutional. You can check out for yourself the reviews of Groundhog Day, Minority Report, and The Adjustment Bureau. Movie Review Query Engine offers more than you need.

This angst carried over into a review of a current debate in the so-called “emerging church” surrounding Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” – it seems colouring outside the lines is still a no-no for some high profile church leaders.

“Salvation today”, however, to retain the integrity of its biblical meaning, is focused on a lot more than individual security in the hereafter.  Jim Wallis, of Sojourners fame, in his book Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street, opens up a host of practical ways for communities to reorient themselves to practical ways of living the values of the Kingdom.

One might recall that when Jericho’s version of a Wall Street hot shot similarly adjusted to the bearings on his inner compass, Jesus remarked “Salvation has come to this house today.”

In summary, there are many angles to a discussion on “Salvation Today.” They are as varied as life itself. The relevance of the biblical view of salvation as holistic, integral, healthy and concerned with relationship that is intrapersonal, interpersonal, and in harmony with creation and the Divine, gives it entry into all spheres of human activity.

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