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Krista Tippett: Reconnecting with compassion | Video on TED.com.

Compassion has become a cliché through overuse and overexposure, contends journalist Krista Tippett. With story and lateral thinking, she explores new ways to reclaim and implement a sorely needed collective value. By linking it with everyday expressions such as “kindness,” “curiosity without assumption” and “beauty”, she invites us to reinvest in and reinvigourate a core component of being human. She wants to marry creativity with compassion in a “spiritual technology.”

Worth a listen if you are contemplating the climax of this week’s lection in Matthew 5:28-38 “Be perfect, therefore, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (rendered by Luke 6:36 as “Be merciful (compassionate) even as your Father is merciful (compassionate.”)).

[Memo to the pedantic: the contextual and theological relationship between the words “perfect” (teleos), and mercy/compassion (to yield, give way, commiserate, put yourself in place of the other) is defendable]