Watching Egypt

A few of my friends are nervous about Egypt right now. Some are predicting an outcome similar to that of the Iranian revolution. Others see the possibility of the beginning of a new phase of more open and accessible governance as opposed to repressive and despotic regimes in the Middle East.

Truth is, much remains unknown while the dramatic events in Cairo and Alexandria are still unfolding.

Two articles from the last day are helpful in background however.

The first is the Huffington Posts’s “4 Reasons Why Egypt’s Revolution is not Islamic.” It lays a lot of inaccurate comparisons to the Iranian Revolution to rest.

The next is from Jim Wallis (Sojourners) who critiques his country’s role in the lead-up to and aftermath of the current events. His article, Let’s Be Honest About Egypt, concludes:

“There are three crucial tests now which will determine what will happen next in Egypt. First, will the protests that were started by a new generation young people who want a better and more democratic way of life remain peaceful? Second, will the military keep its promise made last night not to attack our “great people?” And will the United States be willing to abide by a new democracy in Egypt that doesn’t have to always agree with American “interests?””

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