“Creation” – a human face for Charles Darwin

The publication of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species” became a lightning rod for conflict between theists and non-theists alike that lasts to this day. Both are treated sympathetically in this exploratory dramatisation of Darwin’s home life and the struggle that surrounded his work. Against a background of the harshness of polarised positions, one side depicted by the cruelty and platitudes of a one dimensional vicar and family friend, and the other by an equally brittle and one dimensional depiction of Thomas Huxley, the tenderness and tragedy of human life plays out in Darwin’s family and marriage.

This brings a third voice to the strident debate between the so called “New Atheism” and the different expressions of  “Creationism” and “Intelligent Design”.  The debate doesn’t exist or continue in a vacuum that is divorced from the drama of human life – it is part of the warp and woof of human affairs.

The closing scene left me with a sense of  open-ended hopefulness – the possibility that strongly and passionately held non compatible positions can not only co-exist, but find meaning together – and that within the mystery of life opposite perspectives can find a meeting place in synthesis. The challenge then becomes its articulation.

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3 thoughts on ““Creation” – a human face for Charles Darwin

  1. It is perhaps because of the “norm” of the universe, Creation from “nothing”, that humans search for intelligent design. A case in point is the magnificent Bible.
    Another one is an amazing inteligent design settlers drew up as they settlet virgin land in ancient times. I refer to my blog on WordPress; “The roots of Hebrew culture mirrored against the Icelandic one”. I apologize for how long it is. And/or the phenomenas multiple faces as can be seen here:
    Petur Halldorsson


  2. Fascinating work, Petur – and a fitting illustration of the synthesis of disciplines that I believe are the way forward. In a way, its going back to move ahead – back to the time when wisdom was not compartmentalised but a seamless blend between the natural sciences, philosophy and spirituality. It seems to me that this sat well with the best expressions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


  3. Thank you very much Wondering Pilgrim. It seems portions and its consequent numerology can tell a bigger story than previously believed. The Cosmic Images in my book, The Measure of the Cosmos, were discovered through the Icelandic heritage. The Cosmic Images are located in most deltas of the world where civilisations flourished. Their numerology fits a universal biological time/beat and is derived at according to stars or the path of the sun. They predate, for instance, civilisations that erected the stoneage structures of Europe as can bee seen when compared to the Cosmic Image in Somerset.


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