Back to Meeting God at the Movies

The project is now up and running. Did a test run with nine folk the other night, using a little known title – Going Home (2000) – a gentle little drama concerning interrupted careers in relation to aging parents and the dilemmas and confrontations that occur. Our debrief time revealed several triggers for some. To what extent these can be traced to God-encounters depends to a large extent on what occurs with the feedback. This is where individual’s journaling and prayer engagement will be important and some tweaking of the feedback pro forma and follow through interviews critical. Overall a good beginning and I’m now turning attention to selecting the titles of the five films that will be the focus of the study.

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Okay Boomer - that I am. But not one of them know-it-all ones! Still learning that the more I know, the more I have yet to learn. What I do know, however, I know well.

2 thoughts on “Back to Meeting God at the Movies

  1. Can I suggest “Groundhog Day.”
    The implications of that movie are enormous – “life as a selfish person” is actually a self-imposed hell.


  2. And synchronicity rears up once more! I had come across a reference to this movie yesterday and was thinking the same thing! I saw it some years ago and probably need to see it again, particularly looking for the “God” or “AHA!” moment.


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