100 years of Women’s Ministry in WA

That’s what we’re celebrating this Sunday! Almost evokes a “so?” in this congregation which has not really differentiated ministry along gender lines from its inception. No new thing this – in fact my church would say women’s ministry has been a feature of the Church since Martha and Mary looked after Jesus in their respective manners. However, we are part of a culture of a family of churches that share just over 113 years of history in this state, and as that moment in our epoch required – a particular “Women’s Ministry” was established, complete with sewing circles, Dorcas groups, blessing bags, mite clubs and other sundry mysteries. So I’ll be stepping aside from my accustomed place in the pulpit and turning it over to Lesley Wishart, local historian, researcher and presenter. And I dare say we will honour the ministry of women, so often barred from speaking in some of our churches but happily sent as pioneers to foreign mission fields in what today those same churches would call “apostolic ministry.” Go figure!

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Okay Boomer - that I am. But not one of them know-it-all ones! Still learning that the more I know, the more I have yet to learn. What I do know, however, I know well.

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