More Aussie Awards at Nashville

Tonight the Garfield and Grace Todd Awards were offered to Sonny and Fran Graham for their life work amongst aboriginal people, to Ash and Angie Barker, founders of Urban Neighbourhoods of Hope (UNOH), and to Neville and Lil Muir for their work with International Deaf Ministry. Dr Philemon Paur of Dhond Hospital in India alsoContinue reading “More Aussie Awards at Nashville”

African Worship

I took a deep breath and plunged into the African experience this morning. There is no such thing as observing an African worship service. You have to participate. Led by delegates from Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe, about 80 people took part in the singing and dabncing prayers. The vibrant, soul-tugging worship had this rationalContinue reading “African Worship”

Day 2 at WCCC

The day begins with a choice of six different worship centres, Disciples, a capella, contemporary, African, Hispornic and Spanish. I choose Disciples which features the Gender Road Disciples Church Choir, gowned and swinging with a mix of classical and soul music. Later, the plenary bible study is led by Rhonda Lowry, an a capella memberContinue reading “Day 2 at WCCC”

Opening night of WCCC Nashville

A French youth choir, contemporary gospel, the parade of flags representing the 150 countries in which RM is present, a reading of a portion of John 17 in Maharathi (sp?) and a rip roaring Black American style sermon by Cynthia Hale kicked this Convention off to a good start. Cynthia grasped the nettle using bothContinue reading “Opening night of WCCC Nashville”

Nashville update

Back in Nashville where my wifi doesn’t connect for some reason – so I cant upload all I have written on the last few days travelling through historic sites relating to the beginning of Churches of Christ and the Restoration Movement. Today was the Leaders’ Forum of World Convention and the hordes are descending forContinue reading “Nashville update”

Nashville Pilgrim’s Progress – the beginning

Right – just found a place that seems able to connect with my little Asus eee, so here’s the prequel to the above.- @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> How to kill time in transit at the vast Changi air terminal – although kill’s probably not theContinue reading “Nashville Pilgrim’s Progress – the beginning”

Signing in from Nashville

G’day readers, here we are. Lots of stuff already written up for this pilgrim’s journal here, but there’s a problem connecting my laptop to the hotel’s wifi system, so until I find a hotspot that works, I’m using the public internet in the lobby. I’ll load the report on the journey here when I can.Continue reading “Signing in from Nashville”