How do you define success?

Success is the state or condition of meeting a defined range of expectations. It may be viewed as the opposite of failure. The criteria for success depend on context and may be relative to a particular observer or belief system.

That gets the definition out of the way! Now let’s reflect on it.

“Meeting Expectations” often disappoints. “Cultivating expectancy” on the other hand raises a plethora of possibilities.

“Opposite of Failure” – well, in my humble opinion, failures have led me to experience greater understanding, a more comprehensive capacity for compassion, and a more profound place of contentment.

And it is thus that context and belief system cast their relativity. One person’s success can be another one’s perception of failure – and vice versa.

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Not really retired but reshaped and reshaping. Now a pilgrim at large ready to engage with what each day brings.

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