The Shoulders On Which We Stand

“Don’t brag about your ancestors; give your descendants something to be proud of.”

This was the sage advice on the back of a tram ticket when I began some tentative digging around in our family story. Genealogy was expensive and laborious back then, considered a bit of an oddity, an eccentricity. To build a paper trail that confirmed and authenticated our extended family narrative was beyond the resources of this impoverished theology student of the 1970s. A different cry now following the advent of and the rise of enthusiastic research by other family members who have even submitted DNA for testing to affirm ancient roots.

How far back can we go? Links to a well-known personage in our line take us back to Northumbria and the Domesday Book, which apparently records our earliest-known progenitor, Rodney the Rude (nothing to do with a certain contemporary and bawdy stand-up with a similar monicker!)

So there we have it – a line that includes, bishops, bankers, silk merchants, inventors, lord mayors, politicians and industrialists stands on the shoulders of Rodney the Rude!

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8 thoughts on “The Shoulders On Which We Stand

      1. I have read of cases whereby people say their DNA reports state they can’t trace the history of some portions of DNAs… unidentifiable! There’s another thing scientists want answers to… why we have 23 pairs of chromosomes instead of 24? I opine if humans want the truth, they need to think outside the box. I believe the Universe is teeming with life. I have also listened to many regressions via hypnosis whereby clients remember living on other planets and some looking very much like the blue skin beings in the movie Avatar. πŸ˜„


        1. I think DNA research is only scratching the surface right now. There is an interconnectedness that is beyond empirical understanding. There is certainly a box of wich to think outside.


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